Measuring our success by the value we deliver in all directions

Advances in digital technologies, data and AI are changing everything. How you compete. How you define and deliver value. Even how you transform to be the next best version of yourself.

These advances have never been more critical, nor more necessary. That’s because unprecedented uncertainty and volatility call for businesses in every industry to activate new levels of innovation and launch rapid transformations that only digital technologies can make possible.

In short, today’s business environment demands total organizational reinvention.

OV stands ready to provide the strategy, services and consulting support for you to navigate this transformational journey. We bring functional and industry expertise, unparalleled insights, actionable recommendations, and the commitment and know-how to unlock 360° value across your organizations. We manage complexity. And we help you become faster, more innovative and more resilient.

Along the way, we deliver what matters most: tangible results.

Strategy & Advisory

We help companies ensure they are walking the right strategic  path across their entire organization.

  • Strategic planning & execution – PTR Framework
  • Product strategy & market fit
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Technology and security advisory
  • Finance advisory

Products & Solutions

Ensuring your product is the best version of itself and battle ready is paramount in todays crowded markets..

  • Technology, experience and business expertise
  • Product analysis & consulting
  • User experience review & testing
  • Technology Stack review and recommendations
  • Security review/audit

Sales & Growth

Accelerate your growth and sales with OV’s sales,  marketing and partner eco-system.

  • Sales process review and creation
  • Sales acceleration with our SDR’s & BDR’s
  • Marketing execution and channel expertise
  • Partner channel and ecosystem creation
  • Portfolio awareness and integration

Services & Capital

More than just writing a check we make sure the right things are in place to get the best terms possible.

  • Market analysis
  • Financial projection and war gaming
  • Pitch deck & investor readiness
  • Access to capital + partners
  • Access to portfolio companies and partnerships

Growth Advisory

We help companies with market entry and expansion.

  • Opportunity Assessment & Sector Analysis
  • Business Entity Formation
  • Branding and messaging
  • Technical and C-Suite Executive Search

Professional Services

OV provides access to an array of professional services, on full-time and fractional basis

  • Corporate Governance & Compliance
  • Digital Transformation
  • Legal Consulting
  • Financial Consulting
  • Mergers & Acquisition Support

Investor Readiness​

OV helps you develop a funding strategy to identify potential sources of capital

  • Articulating the company’s value proposition and investment opportunity
  • Creating and refining pitch decks
  • Identifying and contacting potential investors, managing due diligence, and negotiating deal terms

Networking & BizDev​

OV connects you with potential partners, customers, and suppliers

  • Portfolio awareness
  • Access to OV partner platforms, resources, and ecosystems
  • Running and managing marketing campaigns
  • Supporting other business development efforts

Talent & Leadership

We leverage our vast network to identify and connect you with the best-fit talent.

  • Executive & leadership search
  • Specialized talent pool
  • In-depth candidate assessment
  • Flexible staffing solutions
  • Growth-first culture building