The uniqueness of OV’s portfolio is in and of itself an accelerator

OV’s portfolio companies thrive in today’s marketplace as growth stage companies both individually and as a highly experienced group of like-minded individuals. Each has their unique characteristics, but they are like-minded in wanting to scale their companies and make the right decisions faster. We are also unique in the fact that our portfolio touches on almost every facet of technology, customer experience, marketing, and education. We believe it is a great mix in today’s marketplace where business transformation is accelerating faster than any time in history.

Inspiration Digital strategically partners with clients to identify, define and execute for tomorrow’s business, today.

Product 10X is a startup accelerator co-creating enterprise SaaS startups with a focus on deep tech and product led growth.

iD Talent is a Professional Services organization focused on workforce transformation and helping companies recruit highly skilled IT staff.

Emporiom is a design, digital & tech services agency that uses the power of storytelling to empower your brand.

The pathway to a skilled workforce begins with Allegro Learning Solutions.

The All-in-One Sales Readiness Platform for Small and Midsize Businesses

We’re an early-stage investment fund that believes in founders and sees opportunities across SaaS & AI platforms creating successful startups.

OV Advisory (India) provides strategic advisory, operational excellence, and other support services to Oxygen Ventures and its portfolio firms.

Roker delivers an all-inclusive parking solution that simplifies permit, violation, enforcement, and management for organizations of all sizes.