Oxygen Ventures is a tech venture & advisory firm with a focus on identifying entrepreneurs, nurturing startups, and assisting in their growth story. We share enduring vision, passion & entrepreneurial spirit and offer our experience, expertise, and partner ecosystems.

Strategy & Growth

OV’s philosophy is deep rooted in entrepreneurial spirit, human endeavor and new ideas. We seek firms in technology services & edutech and bring our thought leadership, global experience and exceptional teams to assist in growth.



Jogi Daita
Michael Lavoie
Bhakta Yadlapalli
Satty Kris
Dinesh Juneja
Suresh Madhuvarsu
Andy Petroski
Sushant Pednekar
Michael Marsowicz

Anand Desikan

Lakshmi Somanchi
Lee Tsao

Lee Tsao

Rajesh Jog

Geoffrey M.Roche


OV believes and encourages a culture of passion, excitement and true grit in creating great firms. We firmly believe that transformational entrepreneurs are the key engine to a brighter world. Let’s create!