The expertise, network, and resources you need to make it happen

We bring the exponential power of great people and partners who understand grit. We love partnering and working together to turn something good into something great. OV does everything we can for our partners and companies and have not forgotten how to hustle and get our hands dirty. We don’t just hand out playbooks, capital and referrals but get in the trenches with you to grow. We are truly your partner for growth.

Interdisciplinary Thinking

Our team and networks are extremely diverse and come from different cultures, disciplines, and experiences. We are data scientists, technologists, engineers, designers, machine-learning, and AI experts, as well as marathoners, photographers, drone enthusiasts and yoga practitioners.

Aligned with
Your Vision

We take a first-principles analytical approach in looking at new companies wanting to work with OV. We listen with an open mind and realize the vision before others even begin to understand as we stand elbow to elbow with you in bringing it to realization.

Our Undivided

When you need us, we are available and focused on listening, understanding, and finding the right approach, partner or solution to serve your needs. We are here for you in partnering for growth – for that to happen it requires attention and this is something we are very good at.

Partners and

You will have access to our partners, capital resources, networks, and platforms as we connect our founders to a highly diverse group of technologists, developers and business leaders who are building ambitious companies.

Sales and

Access our back-office shared services to accelerate your go-to-market reach, sales and marketing services. With experts in account-based marketing, creating an ideal customer profile and understanding the best suited channels to reach them OV helps you accelerate your sales and marketing.

Capital and

OV has a team of experts and a robust partner network in both raising capital as well as planning and creating your company’s valuation and investor proposals. We help create, coach, and introduce you to our experts and partners and even happy to be part of the pitch team if you like.

Partnering with OV to find your intersection, faster using our Product, Team, Reach (PTR) approach and methodology. Each PTR pillar is an equal contributor to success.