OV partners with VC firms to maximize the value of their Portco’s faster

Does your venture capital firm have an execution arm to work with your portfolio companies?  At OV we are powered by passionate people who understand the business of venture capital but more importantly know how to create value for a VC firms portfolio companies. We know because we are a venture firm ourselves and if you can increase the chances of success of just one or two of your investments that can vastly increase your return on investment.

We leverage our Product, Team and Reach (PTR) methodology to help you to maximize the value of your investments as quickly as possible.  Using our PTR framework, we are able to understand areas of value creation and opportunity across the entire organization. We execute with VC firms and their portfolio companies in the right areas for the right reasons regarding tangible value creation. 

From strategy to execution, OV has experts in digital strategy and marketing, creative and UX, technology, security,  analytics and BI.  Additionally, with our talent arm, we can provide you technology staffing where needed and on demand. 

Let’s talk about how we can help accelerate the growth trajectory of your investments as we are former founders, operators, and executives and help build long lasting value, and valuations.

The OV PTR Framework​

We are here to help you grow value creation with your portfolio companies faster