Michael Lavoie

Lavoie is a digital transformation consultant working with industrial, manufacturing, and service businesses to be intelligent, coherent, connected, and integrated in ways that create value. Lavoie is passionate about removing constraints through clear strategy, high efficiency, dense engagement, automation, and mature business intelligence. Lavoie’s experience ranges across the value chain from operations to the C-suite.

Lavoie has been in digital consulting for over 20 years and has excelled at leading change at all businesses and sizes. Lavoie is a recognized thought leader in the industry and was recently named 2020 Maintenance Hero.

Lavoie works with CxO’s and technology teams to enable their vision; managed digital transformation funded by results. Lavoie is passionate about thinking and enjoys discussions on a broad range of topics. Lavoie is normally found at a chess board or somewhere giving back to the community.