Jonathan Wiesman

Jonathan Wiesman is Head, Innovation and Transformation at Noema Systems. He’s a dynamic executive who has a passion to promote innovative changes and believes that some of the key areas of experience are Blockchain, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and AI along with the platforms for cloud services that will change our business ecosystem. Cultural change in healthcare has created opportunities for experience and knowledge gained by executives like Wiesman who has worked with many of the largest insurance, provider and hospital groups in the nation. He has a broad knowledge of current trends in disruptive technologies coupled with a vision of where technology will be in the next 5 to 10 years. Previously Wiesman was on the executive team of global organizations as Vice President of Sales, Senior Vice President & CEO and Director of Sales as a leader in business development always deeply researching and challenging improvement through innovation. He strives to use technology and change that will impact the overall costs and efficiencies needed by providers, hospitals and insurance companies along with Financial Institutions. Years of working with CEO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s etc. has created a wealth of knowledge and experience that gives Wiesman a perspective that is extremely valuable in understanding the new healthcare population health market.