We’re not just founders with deep pockets – we’re a lean team of experienced entrepreneurs, market analysts and business experts who know how to recognize a good idea and grow it to its potential. Partnering with us means you gain access to an advisory team of mentors with the smarts to help you take your idea to the next level and ensure it’s not just another flash in the pan.

The Oxygen Ventures Accelerator Program is designed for early stage companies looking to jump start their businesses through a mix funding, expert counsel, coaching, and business development. The program takes place at our accelerator in Bangalore, India over a 16-week period.

In return for a 10% equity in your company, the Oxygen Ventures team will:

  • Coach your teams in the areas of technology, drawing up a business plan creation, marketing, and design. We also help you get to market fast so you start making money and seeing ROI in a short time.
  •  Help you secure the right funding.
  • Provide you with a committed CXO team and help you develop as strong business leaders while working on your enterprise business services agenda (such as finance, HR, marketing etc) agenda. This could entail developing your brand and/or online presence; setting up the chart of accounts for your company’s accounting system; helping you develop the most appropriate and competitive talent management strategies etc.
  • Oxygen Ventures will provide such services of value up to $20,000 per company.
  • Connect you to an ecosystem of partners who will pitch in with significant investments ranging from laptops and software to hosting and talent acquisition services.
  • Create a product/ market development roadmap for the next phase of the growth for your company.
  • Provide you with pre-seed funding of $10,000 and cover some of your business expenses during the duration of the program.

We believe that most companies that we select for this program can develop a compelling and fundable proposition by using this pre-seed funding. Oxygen Venture’s operating model is not only about investment but bringing startups to life and ensuring that they GET REAL. FUNDABLE. FAST!