Jogi Daita is the Founder & Partner of Oxygen Ventures since its inception in 2004. His broad responsibilities include driving vision, strategy, developing key partnerships and venture creation. Earlier, he served as CEO at Credo Technology Solutions and other technology firms. Prior to relocating to the US in 1999, he was based in Mumbai and gained valuable experience in technology startups, private equity, and M&A. He comes with a strong passion and understanding of global technology markets, STEM education, and entrepreneurship. He serves as an advisor and board member to partner firms. He holds a both a BA in Economics and MBA, and is a BITS, Pilani alumni.

Keith Coe is an accomplished senior executive with interests in STEM education, real estate and hospitality. Keith currently heads Allegro Learning Solutions, an OV Initiative as President & CEO. Prior to Oxygen Ventures, he worked with a few reputed firms and led large, national projects nationwide. He comes with experience in troubleshooting assets and creating strategies for improving performance and enhancing asset value. He’s involved with all phases of real estate development, management, ownership and asset management. He holds a JD from Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College and a BA from University of Utah.

Jonathan Wiesman is Head, Innovation and Transformation at Noema Systems. He’s a dynamic executive who has a passion to promote innovative changes and believes that some of the key areas of experience are Blockchain, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and AI along with the platforms for cloud services that will change our business ecosystem. Cultural change in healthcare has created opportunities for experience and knowledge gained by executives like Wiesman who has worked with many of the largest insurance, provider and hospital groups in the nation. He has a broad knowledge of current trends in disruptive technologies coupled with a vision of where technology will be in the next 5 to 10 years. Previously Wiesman was on the executive team of global organizations as Vice President of Sales, Senior Vice President & CEO and Director of Sales as a leader in business development always deeply researching and challenging improvement through innovation. He strives to use technology and change that will impact the overall costs and efficiencies needed by providers, hospitals and insurance companies along with Financial Institutions. Years of working with CEO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s etc. has created a wealth of knowledge and experience that gives Wiesman a perspective that is extremely valuable in understanding the new healthcare population health market.

Bhakta Yadlapalli is the President of Neoma. He comes with over 20 years of experience in software applications and product development. He has an in-depth knowledge and deep appreciation of design practices, problem solving thinking and algorithms. His experience includes working with key financial clients with focus on mortgage servicing and loan origination. He’s leading Noema since its inception in 2008. Prior to Noema, He worked with Radian Asset Assurance as Vice President – Design and Development of web applications for Financial Guaranty business. Earlier, he worked with Deutsche Bank, Valista, FusionOps and BVM SARC handling.

Satty Kris is the Vice President and Head of Operations of Inspiration Global, an OV Initiative. He’s an experienced leader with proven success in global IT professional services with over 20 years of leading and designing solid service delivery solutions. His experience includes technical staffing, account management, and operational excellence with a P/L focus. Prior to IG, he served in leadership roles with an enviable track record of integrity, trust and leadership. He’s a graduate of Andhra University, India.

Dinesh Juneja is Partner at Emporiom Digital. He got into building start-ups at an early age and hasn’t looked back since. Over the past 7 years, Dinesh has established two start-ups, both in the domain of digital marketing, branding and creative design and has been associated with over 50 brands across 9 portfolios. His core strengths lie in Digital Marketing strategy and brand communication for firms, helping them understand the new mediums and use them most effectively. During his leisure time, Dinesh is usually found engaging with students at various colleges speaking on the ideas of start-ups and bootstrapping.

Aditi Ohri is a Partner at Emporiom Digital. An engineer by profession, she found her calling in helping brands navigate Social Media. Over the past 5 years, she’s serviced over 30 brands – from start-ups to industry leaders – across fashion, lifestyle, hospitality, education and technology spaces. A person with a strong knack of understanding social media audiences, she’s helped brands create a differentiated voice in a cluttered market, suggesting clear communication strategies and building a strong emotional connect with their audiences. In addition to her work commitments, she also mentors several start-ups with their marketing pursuits and is a firm believer of “getting it done” in today’s world.

Steve Colaco is Vice President and a senior business leader and dealmaker with 20+ years in technology & global financial services which include Capital Markets, Asset Management and Banking.  His accomplishments include aligning technology with business goals and delivering technology strategy and solutions that provide efficiencies, scalability, new business enablement and enhanced client experience. He has a strong track record of facilitating enterprise-level business initiatives that focus on digital disruption, competitiveness, growth, global operating models, talent and leadership. He’s experienced in business development, partner management, product management, systems architecture, reseller alliances and industry networking initiatives. Prior to Inspiration Global, he held senior positions in the service industry at Genpact and Cognizant. He also worked at Lehman Brothers, AXA Financial, Knight Securities, SunAmerica and Deutsche Bank. Prior to coming to the financial industry, spent time at IBM and Bell Lab. He has a BS degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University, Canada.