Product Advisory

Small and medium businesses are the fundamental to business and technology innovation. A small strategy or execution decision can derail the course of company’s success. We at Oxygen Ventures, believe that in addition to having right people and making the right products, products and services should be creating value for your customers. You can have a great technological product but target the wrong set of customers, or the right set of customers but the wrong business model. To be successful, you need to understand what your customers see as valuable, and you need to know what your customer experience looks like from the ground up. By focusing on three fundamental questions of WHAT, WHY and HOW, we’ll help you make the most out of existing customers, gain access to new customers, and win even in highly competitive markets.

How we can help

Industry & Market Analysis: If you want to grow your business, thorough, insightful analysis of your industry, customers and your markets will help a lot. This often helps companies to build the right products and pick the correct use cases. As an example, through customer analysis and segmentation, we can tell you who your most profitable customers are—and how to reach them. We’ll lead you through the competitive landscape with incisive, thoughtful analysis, and help you define the kinds of customer journey that will help you attract and retain your best customers.

Product Strategy & Planning: We can help you capture value from your products across markets, customer segments, and categories. With thoughtful analysis of your product vision and goals, combined with a clear-eyed look at your pricing, value proposition, core capabilities and challenges, we can help you differentiate your offerings and position yourself strategically.

Launch & Marketing: Timing is everything. When it’s time to launch, we can help you optimize value and ROI, drive connections with your customers, and help you grow. We’ll help integrate all your launch activities, from your messaging platforms to your channels, offers, and sales activities, with a launch planning playbook that delivers maximum results.

Sales & Business Development: Bringing that first paying customer can be very challenging. Many businesses fail because they could not monetize and had to die. We have an upfront discussion with the team and will help your company with sales and biz dev activity. We provide the whole framework of lead generation, conversion, sales and help you realize the bottom line.

Our Product Services

Strategy Consulting: We often host a one day workshops, dependent upon team size and project, utilizing the Pragmatic Marketing framework and Business Model Canvas. As a team, we will be more productive and helps better align the team to goals and objectives and is designed from the ground up to enable the best ideas to come to fruition – with a comprehensive plan and steps forward.
This is often the first step in our engagement process if you are a new client. Output of these workshops result in clarity in company strategy, product and service offerings, business models, go-to-market strategies, partnerships and more.

Partnering: Often we are brought into a company to assess strategic business needs around innovation, international expansion, product releases, marketing plans, developer community strategies and more. Our team will work hand-in-hand with your teams to enable them to build new products faster and with product/market fit and new business models.